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Free Crossword Puzzle # 4952
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  16 1
8 6
  28 23

(1) The amount of money that a player has to wager for the duration of his or her poker career.
(2) In community card poker games, a pair of cards of the second-top rank on the board.
(3) Both halves of a split pot, often declared by a player who thinks he or she will win both low and high.
(4) To call an amount that represents a sum of bets or raises by more than one player.
(5) A prolonged winning streak.
(6) To make the required small or big blind bet in Texas hold `em or other games played with blinds rather than antes
(7) when a player bets into another player who has previously raised or otherwise shown aggression.
(8) Rules designating players are allowed to wager any or all of their chips in a single bet.
(9) To make a play (bet, call, raise, or fold) at the required time.
(10) In draw poker, playing the original hand using no draws, either as a bluff or in the belief it is the best hand.
(11) A casino chip.
(12) A player`s hand that is not entitled to participate in the deal for some reason.
(13) The total chips and currency that a player has in play at a given moment.
(14) To fold
(15) In a live game, to buy more chips before you have busted.
(16) To delay or avoid showing one`s hand at showdown, forcing other players to expose their hands first.
(17) Not (currently) having the best hand.
(18) A player with whom one is sharing a buy-in, with the intent to split the result after play.
(19) It`s also the first round of bets.
(20) Describing an action taken before receiving information to which the player would normally be entitled.
(21) A marker similar to a kill button, on which a player places an extra forced bet.
(22) An aspect of some poker tournaments that rewards players for eliminating other players with a cash prize for each player they eliminate, separate from the tournament payout structure.
(23) A poker tournament with no scheduled starting time that starts whenever the necessary players have put up their money.
(24) The playing position to the direct left of the blinds in Texas hold `em or Omaha hold `em.
(25) A "tight aggressive" style of play in which a player plays a small number of strong starting hands, but when in pots plays aggressively.
(26) To exchange lower-denomination chips for higher-denomination chips.
(27) Emotional upset, mental confusion, or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in poor play and poor performance.
(28) A "loose aggressive" style of play in which a player plays a lot of starting hands and makes many small raises in hopes of out-playing his opponents.
(29) When the bottom card of the deck sticks out beyond the others, an unwanted tell that the dealer is dealing from the bottom of the deck.
(30) To play a worthless hand misleadingly in draw poker in order to bluff.


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